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Managing Directors



Ideal Thiru. K.Sivalingam M.A., M.A., M.A., is a noble cynosure in the field of Education. He is a multi-faced personality and a man of vision and mission.

He manifests dedication to his mission, excellence in his accomplishments and humility in his attitude. Hailing from a family of agriculturalists, he is committed to the noble cause of shaping the young minds of our nation, by establishing this temple of knowledge, Adharsh Vidhyalaya Educational Institutions in Anthiyur, an Educational Hub. His mission is being expanded upto Palladam-Trippur with the aim of holistic development of the wards.



Our Correspondent Dr. S.Selvamani Sivalingam M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., is a paragon of education and tradition. Besides being a visionary, she is a person with tremendous leadership qualities.

 She constantly insists and keeps on infusing into everybody the importance of team work in producing extradionary results. In addition to this, she recognises forthwith individual achivements of both the staff and the students.

      Thus, she sets not only targets for the team ADHARSH VIDHYALAYA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS to achieve, but also motivates them to exemplify themselves for other institutions to emulate. Being very dynamic and energetic, she outshines the young generations with her poise and charm.

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